5 Favorite Business Tools & Apps

My 5 Fav Tools & Apps for my Small Businesses + Big Life Update! Planoly | Canva | Fiverr

Sharing my 5 Favorite Tools & Apps that I use to run my Businesses! Let me know if you love these too + if you are going to try them out below! :) Thank you endlessly for all your small business love and support.

MY 5 FAV TOOLS/APPS I use daily, weekly, monthly for my 2 businesses:

CANVA — https://partner.canva.com/c/2989076/6...

PLANOLY — http://share.plano.ly/3pVNMJ

TEZZA — https://www.shoptezza.com/pages/tezza...

RECONVERT (Shopify) — https://apps.shopify.com/reconvert-up...

QUICKBOOKS — https://quickbooks.intuit.com/small-b...

+ a bonus I didn't share in the video that I've used a TON in the past year to outsource minor graphic design jobs & more:

FIVERR — http://www.fiverr.com/s2/cecb4bdcc7 (Get 10% off your first order!)

AMEX BUSINESS CREDIT CARD — http://refer.amex.us/LAINIAtS73?xl=cpyt

CAMERA I USE & LOVEEE — https://amzn.to/3dyN0xx

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