Hi my lain & lou loves! 

Welcome, from wherever you may be finding yourself! 

I am so thankful to have you HERE, at lain & lou, but also on this blog post! 

I just wanted to give a little encouragement today to truly DREAM for that calling on your heart, but also be the DOER, because that is what will make all the difference. We only get this ONE life, so let go of the comfortable and the knowns, and head over wholeheartedly to the uncomfortable and the unknowns, because that's right where God will be meeting you ready to equip & provide. 

When God placed lain & lou on my heart over a year ago, there was no such thing as this boutique, the name, ANY OF IT. It was only a dream--a vision. 

It began to come to life when I began to DO. I began to SEEK God's guidance in the next steps, researched business for hours, let my creative side go WILD, and overall just DID because my heart could feel the big picture somewhere out there. Yes there was lack of sleep & months of HOURS ON HOURS of work after my actual work just to use any “extra” time I could. To some it may seem like a sacrifice that isn't worth it, but to me it was the BEST "sacrifice" I could've ever set my mind to make.

God showed me that He had something unique for me, but get the catch..

He only gives a glimpse. A year ago was a glimpse. 6 months ago was a glimpse. NOW is even just a GLIMPSE. Even though God can only provide us with a small glimpse in the here and now, we must TRUST & KNOW that each and every glimpse he gives will teach us, grow us, and ultimately continue leading us to that next glimpse that's in store. He cannot show us our entire story in the beginning because what would we get out of that? That is what this life is for! To partner WITH HIM for that long run, through every single season.

This partnership and DREAM is where I am able to find FREEDOM, and true identity. I place my confidence in Him and can then INFLUENCE. With that influence, I can RADIATE. What can I radiate? A truly joyful and fufilled lifestyle from completely handing it over to God, the one who holds the plan anyway. I knew in my heart that God wanted me to create not just a store, but a LIFESTYLE. And with that, comes realness. Something beyond my own self, where I could reach & love others by showing them the true foundation of this brand. So today, the realness I am sharing is God. 

I am human, just like you, and I fail daily. I stray from my best intentions and from my SOURCE. But I just want ya'll to know, HE is that sustainer. That fulfiller. The provider. Of my every need. When I stray so far and realize I haven't found true joy in the distractions, he reminds my heart every single time I bring it all back to Him. 

This is what God has been teaching me over that last few months of dreaming, then doing, and now LIVING MY DREAM, loves. Some days I still cannot believe it. Some days I let FEAR of the future unknowns to overtake my thoughts... 

But ultimately in my heart, I KNOW ALL He will do when we choose to humble ourselves and give it all to Him. I don't know the end of my story, you maybe don't know the next steps of your story, but cling to this today: God does and that's all we truly need. ♡ So PARTNER WITH HIM, and HE WILL SUSTAIN. 

Love always, Lainie

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