My Why for Starting a Business

My Why for Starting a Business | 7 Levels Deep Experience | Kingdom Entrepreneur | Women in Business 

Today's video is a conversation face-to-face, me to you, sharing my deepest WHYS behind stepping into owning my own businesses. Take some time to do Dean Graziosi's 7 Levels Deep Experience and let us know what you find in the comments! We pray this video can encourage your heart to uplift and celebrate others + believe in yourself and the unique callings God has placed on your own heart! They are there for a reason, and when we remember that our identity is not found in the work we do, but in God alone, then we can run in freedom towards those callings with confidence, favor, and abundance in this one life we get to live! Loved answering this question & there are so many more fun Small Business owner + Life topics to come so be sure to stick around, give this video a like, and SUBSCRIBE!

A little note to Manny, my husband, for believing in me. You taught me how to be a risk taker. Dreams. Business. Creativity. Future Unknowns. All of it. “If you’re not willing to risk, you can’t grow. And if you can’t grow, you can’t become your best.” -Les Brown. Every single part of me was so scared of the idea of risk just a few years ago. I didn’t allow my vision to even catch a glimpse of what maybe could be if I just took a chance on something out of what I thought were “my plans”. Little did I know that the journey to actually being me and creating a lifestyle that I loved to live everyday would be through overcoming that fear of comfort, knowns, and giving it over to God with my whole heart. Stepping into that part of me, allowed all of God’s plans that we are currently living out to unravel. And here we are living it. Still scary? Of course. But God will continue to be faithful. And you continuously build me up, cheer me on, remind me of my why, comfort me within the uncomfortable, and challenge me to continue for more. I love being on your team babe, God knew I needed you.

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