Retail Roadmap Wholesale Mini-Course

Hey fellow product based business owners!

Do you need help getting started with Wholesale?!

I've poured time and heart into creating this mini-course to truly help you start implementing Wholesale strategies for your business to begin building out this additional income stream and impact for your brand!

I created theee value packed starter Wholesale course that I would’ve wanted/needed when I started pursuing this avenue for my business!

It's been such a celebration sending off my brands' products to be stocked worldwide in independent shops that chose our products.. and your product(s) have that special something about them too, so I do not want you to miss out on this opportunity at hand.

And that's why this course was created✨

Are you a mama/family owned business too? It says a ton about you that you have a brand of your own and you made it happen, bringing your beautiful products to life! Or maybe you are currently starting your own product based brand.. keep going! It's so worth it.

Maybe you began your journey selling your brand's product(s) on other platforms like Amazon & Etsy like me and now are looking to grow and expand your reach in new ways!

Have you dreamed of seeing your products on the shelves of a local gift shop? Or wondered about the possibility of selling in bulk to facilities that could use a product like yours to serve and bless their clients and customers?! Yay you're in the right place!

My course is for product based businesses looking to utilize Wholesale to expand their brand's reach, become stocked in independent shops, retailers, boutiques, and facilities to create powerful long-term relationships by making retail a reality for their product(s)!

My Wholesale Mini-Course will cover:

  • What is Wholesale & the benefits this strategy can bring to your business now & long-term.

  • When to pursue this opportunity & details you can plan ahead for.

  • Thinking through your retail/wholesale “who” & making a list of ideal clients.

  • Platforms for Wholesale, their associated fees, and how to apply and get started with your catalog on my preferred Wholesale Marketplace!

  • 4 of my go-to Outreach Strategies.

  • My Fulfillment & Follow-Up Strategies.

  • Raw stories from my experience about how to handle the "No's" and pushing through the uncomfortable to get the results!

  • Action steps on how to implement and fit building this strategy into your brand!

  • Other Wholesale tips I've learned along the way that I don’t want you to miss.

  • FAQ- Making sure I get all your question requests answered!

Answering your specific FAQ like:

  • What is the recommended Wholesale price?

  • How many additional units should I have on hand for Wholesale in addition to other platforms?

  • Is shipping calculated into price? Who covers that?

  • Should I advertise Wholesale on social platforms w/ specific hashtags?

  • How many products do you need before they will notice you & allow you in?

  • What are the benefits & risks of offering Wholesale?

I love getting to share my heart and experiences with you through video, so you can expect 25+ pre-recorded video teachings included in each module's lessons within the course to help you connect the concepts and take action with my strategies!

Get excited... and start taking action today to build B2B relationships because you never know when just one connection with a retailer can change everything for your product based business! 🙌

Kickstart your brand's Wholesale Journey today!

Here's all the incredible value included:

💻 25+ pre-recorded video training Course outlined above ($100 Value)

🔥 BONUS included: FREE 15 minute 1:1 Wholesale Strategy Call with Lainie after completing Module 11 🎉 ($50 Value)

🤝 Community Group of fellow brand owners who've taken my course/are pursuing the same strategies to bounce ideas off of and share what's working/not working! We are better together!🔥 ($100+ Value)

-This Strategy Call Bonus with Lainie is a limited time Bonus included. This Bonus must be used/claimed within the first 30 days of your purchase. Send me a DM to claim or email at 

- Due to the nature of this product, there will be no refunds. All sales are final. Results are not guaranteed and based on effort.

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